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New tools for DNA Matches research

Ran Snir

Director of Product Management

There have been some fantastic updates to the DNA matches page on MyHeritage recently — and there are more to come! Join Ran Snir, Director of Product Management at MyHeritage, as he offers an overview of the new features on the DNA matches page, including the ability to confirm or reject Theories of Family Relativity™. Learn to leverage MyHeritage's advanced DNA tools to cut through the noise and focus on the DNA matches that are most important for your research... and get a sneak peak of new developments in store.

Speaker's Introduction
1m 11s
5m 23s
Your DNA Matches
19m 09s
Shared Matches
7m 25s
Chromosome Browser
6m 55s
7m 30s
Sneak Peek at Labels
1m 42s
16m 25s
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