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MyHeritage DNA 101

In this session, we will cover two main topics: 1) Brief background on the science of DNA testing - Whether you have already taken a DNA test or this is the first time you're hearing about it, we will start from the very beginning. We'll go over the basic terms of DNA testing and learn how DNA is passed down through generations, how and why individuals have shared DNA segments, and how we're able to estimate one's ethnic origins. 2) An overview of MyHeritage DNA - Our DNA Matching technology reveals the percentage of DNA you share with your matches, showing you how closely related you are. We will go over the various tools that are available on MyHeritage, such as Theory of Family Relativity, Shared ancestral surnames and places, Shared DNA Matches, AutoClusters, and more, to help you make the most of your results.

Facebook Live: Strategies to Get Past Overwhelm and Enjoy Your Photographs

A gift of a box or more of photographs can be seen as such an overwhelming task that it’s easier to leave them for the next generation. Learn how to identify, preserve and organize your photos (and enjoy the task) with genealogist Maureen Taylor, also known as “The Photo Detective.”

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MyHeritage Mobile App: New Features From 2020
The MyHeritage Mobile App makes building your family tree easier and more portable than ever. Learn about the new features MyHeritage added to the app that enhance your genealogy research on the go.
Daniel Horowitz
Jan 12, 2021
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