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An Introduction to Reimagine, the New Photo App from MyHeritage

Ran Snir

Director of Product Management

Discover Reimagine, the new app from MyHeritage that allows you to scan photo albums in minutes and colorize, enhance, repair, animate, and share your favorite family photos. Enjoy a walkthrough of the app and all its features from Ran Snir, Director of Product Management for MyHeritage.

1m 09s
Speaker's Introduction
1m 12s
4m 45s
5m 14s
Start Scanning
5m 49s
Photo Tools
10m 14s
Start with a Photo
3m 32s
3m 38s
4m 00s
Questions / answers
15m 24s
Announcements / prizes
2m 00s
Questions / answers
15m 41s
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