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Using Artificial Intelligence Tools to Expand Your Genealogical Research Universe

James Tanner

James Tanner

Professional Genealogist

In the past few years, there has been an explosion of new AI tools. See how these exciting tools can be used to expand your genealogical research efforts. The three classes will cover different types of AI and then focus on AI-based chat tools, research tools, and generative imaging tools. The impact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having and will have on genealogical research will be revolutionary. Don’t miss this chance to explore the exciting possibilities that artificial intelligence offers to genealogical research.

Speaker's Introduction
10m 31s
Handwriting Recognition
12m 06s
AI Record Finder
14m 38s
AI Biographer
7m 03s
Photo Enhancer
5m 54s
Announcements / prizes
3m 46s
Questions / answers
8m 22s
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