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The science behind MyHeritage DNA testing

Ethel Vol

Gal Zrihen

In this special session, MyHeritage’s scientist will break down the science behind DNA – DNA inheritance, how DNA testing actually works, how raw results are analyzed, how DNA matching works and how we are able to find unknown relatives with it and estimate one’s ethnic origins. In the second part of the session we will go over DNA results and important tools available on MyHeritage, that can help in researching your family history and identify relatives and relationships.

Speakers' Introduction
1m 27s
1m 55s
MyHeritage Science Team
2m 45s
What is DNA?
5m 18s
Genetic Inheritance
7m 16s
DNA Matching
9m 33s
Genetic Groups
5m 33s
Tips & Techniques
24m 21s
New Feature Announcement
3m 44s
Announcements / prizes
3m 10s
Questions / answers
13m 14s
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