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The Latest Developments in Searching Historical Records on MyHeritage

Maya Geier

MyHeritage is home to billions of historical records containing countless discoveries for family historians everywhere; but what good is all that information if it’s hard to find? In this session, Maya Geier, Product Manager at MyHeritage, responsible for publication of historical records at MyHeritage, will show you all the latest cutting-edge developments in the search experience at MyHeritage that make it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for.

1m 03s
Speaker's Introduction
1m 16s
9m 10s
Collection Catalog
9m 11s
Enrich Your Tree
4m 07s
Collections Spotlight
9m 58s
Blog and Tips
4m 52s
Announcements / prizes
3m 38s
Questions / answers
11m 02s
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