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Fishing in Your Match List with MyHeritage DNA Tools

Paul Woodbury

MyHeritage’s AutoClusters are a great way to start exploring the clusters of your genetic cousins and narrow in on potentially pertinent genetic cousins, but sometimes AutoClusters can only take you so far. Learn to leverage MyHeritage’s Theory of Family Relativity™, shared matching, and DNA match labeling to isolate pertinent genetic cousins for a research question and solve your family history mysteries.

Speaker's Introduction
1m 11s
2m 24s
Genetic Clusters
20m 33s
Independent Descendants
15m 02s
Shared Matches
4m 54s
Filter Labels
9m 37s
Match Evaluation
12m 36s
Excel Magic
1m 59s
Announcements / prizes
2m 12s
Questions / answers
6m 54s
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