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The Top 10 DNA Features on MyHeritage

Richard Hill

Author and speaker Richard Hill, founder of the DNAFavorites.com website, will review his ten favorite DNA features included with the MyHeritage DNA test. He will show how these features support the basic functions of genetic genealogy, including (1) finding previously unknown relatives, (2) identifying the common ancestors responsible for our genetic matches, and (3) estimating the mix of ethnicities inherited from our ancestors. Using examples from his personal account, Richard will demonstrate these features and show how they can be used productively by genealogists, adoptees, and anyone curious about their family history or ethnic background.

Speaker's Introduction
4m 29s
Swab Kits
Free Uploads & Global Reach
3m 38s
Family Trees
2m 45s
DNA Match Review
5m 18s
Theory of Family Relativity
3m 26s
cM Explainer
6m 27s
Shared Matches & Chromosome Browser
4m 25s
4m 31s
2m 18s
Ethnicity Estimates & Genetic Groups
9m 40s
Announcements / prizes
3m 35s
Questions / answers
7m 40s
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