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Find your ancestors who immigrated and their relatives in the New York passenger announcements

Mike Mansfield

Director of Content Operations

No organization has indexed so far the millions of additional names and relationships listed in New York passenger announcements that provide information about a friend or an immigrant's family member in his home country, as well as information about a friend of family member in the United States. These extra names and relationships are now available for the first time in a searchable index and can help genealogists find inaccessible passenger arrival data and solve difficult genealogical problems. This webinar provides a brief history of passenger arrival records collected in the New York Harbor and focuses on the use of the newly updated and expanded index on MyHeritage to improve findability in these important immigration data.

2m 26s
Speaker's introduction
1m 40s
1m 19s
Trends and patterns
8m 44s
Historical records
5m 40s
Harbor New York
2m 42s
Index and images
4m 05s
Case studies
13m 10s
7m 48s
8m 03s
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