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Diving into the Newly Released 1931 Canada Census

Mike Mansfield

Director of Content Operations

With the 1931 Canada census finally released to the public on June 1, 2023, a new window into the lives of ancestors who lived in Canada in the early 20th century is being thrown open! This census offers a snapshot of Canada at a fascinating and difficult historical period, a few years into the Great Depression. Join us for a deep dive into this long-awaited collection and discover what you can learn about your ancestors living in Canada during this time.

2m 30s
The forms
2m 22s
Case Study
14m 21s
Historical Context
7m 40s
6m 46s
The release
7m 32s
5m 01s
11m 29s
Announcements / prizes
2m 07s
Questions / answers
5m 48s
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