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Discover Your Family History with MyHeritage’s Unique Technologies

Daniel Horowitz

Genealogy Expert

Technology has revitalized genealogy, opening new frontiers for research, preservation & sharing maintaining the thrill of the detective hunt. MyHeritage’s key technologies are precisely the intersection of technology and genealogy: Smart Matches™, Record Matches, Instant Discoveries™, SearchConnect™, Global Name Translation™, DNA matching, PedigreeMap™ and Consistency Checker are just a few.

Speaker's Introduction
1m 18s
2m 59s
Instant Discoveries
6m 44s
Photo Discovery
Smart Matches
2m 45s
Record Matches
5m 59s
Book Matching
1m 22s
Global Name Translation
6m 29s
MyHeritage DNA
7m 05s
13m 36s
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