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Ask The Expert – New Greek Records on MyHeritage

Carol Kostakos Petranek

Blogger Spartan Roots (Σπαρτιατικές Ρίζες)

Gregory Kontos

Genealogy Researcher and Founder of "Greek Ancestry"

Gregory Kontos and Carol Kostakos Petranek will introduce you to an exciting new collection of Greek historical records now available on MyHeritage.

0m 55s
2m 33s
The Greek Collections
0m 39s
Sparta Marriages 1835-1935
6m 1s
Electoral Rolls 1863-1924
4m 37s
Corfu Vital Records 1841-1932
10m 40s
Tips to Research
5m 21s
1m 34s
3m 8s
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