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Ask The Expert – Family Tree Builder Advanced Features

Daniel Horowitz

Genealogy Expert

Family Tree Builder is a robust software that can help you take your genealogy research to the next level. Learn about the advanced features of this powerful tool and how they can help you build an extremely detailed, accurate family tree.

35m 41s
Family Tree Builder view
34m 41s
Export to Excel
33m 19s
Find and Replace
31m 11s
Sources and Repositories
29m 55s
29m 31s
To-Do List
29m 6s
Adding unrelated people
27m 30s
26m 33s
Advance privacy settings
25m 36s
Check for deceased people
22m 46s
Check for duplicates
20m 56s
Tree consistency checker
19m 3s
17m 3s
12m 44s
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