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Advanced Features on MyHeritage.com

Daniel Horowitz

Genealogy Expert

An advance review of new features and technologies on MyHeritage, the online family history service. Take full advantage of MyHeritage's unmatched technologies — including Smart Matches™, Record Matches, Instant Discoveries™ and DNA Matches — to help you find long-lost relatives. The tree Consistency Checker will offer you suggestions on 36+ different topics and facts. The PedigreeMap locates all events in your tree and plots them in a map to help you understand and improve the research localization. The Theory of Family Relativity will help you understand the relation path between you and your DNA matches. Learn about the new records released -and those about to be available on SuperSearch.

3m 58s
Instant Discoveries
4m 22s
Smart Matches
9m 12s
Record Matches
5m 56s
Newspaper Matching
5m 48s
Book Matching
3m 54s
Search Connect
5m 20s
Tree Consistency Checker
4m 38s
Theory of Relativity
3m 42s
1m 10s
2m 49s
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