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Introduction to Record Detective™

Introduction to Record Detective™

Record Detective™ is a MyHeritage technology that instantly connects you to multiple records relating to an individual you are researching. When you have a Record Match or find a record through SuperSearch™, Record Detective™ displays additional record results that may add valuable information about your relative or people closely related to them, such as children, spouses, or parents. This can save you hours of research and help you build a full archive of historical documents about your family with very little effort.

Record Detective™ can be accessed in two ways: through Record Matches, or through SuperSearch™.

Record Matches

A Record Match is a document relevant to your family’s history, such as a birth record of your ancestors, a relative’s gravestone photo, or a newspaper article. Record Matching technology scans the nearly 10 billion historical documents on MyHeritage and notifies you when it finds a record that may be relevant to your family.

If Record Detective™ finds additional records relating to a given match, they will appear beneath the details of a Record Match on the “Review match” page.


SuperSearch™ is a powerful search engine that serves as your gateway to billions of historical records.

When you enter your search data into SuperSearch™, you’ll find a list of records that might match the person you’re researching.

When you click on a record in the list and Record Detective™ has found related records, you’ll see those records listed next to the details of the record.


There are multiple benefits of having a powerful genealogist-detective working for you. Thanks to Record Detective™, a record you’ve found on MyHeritage can effortlessly open the door to many more records about the same person. These records may come from totally different collection types, and they may originate from another part of the world you didn’t expect. The technology helps by saving you time and revealing new information you may never have found on your own.

Viewing records provided by the Record Detective™ requires a Data or Complete subscription on MyHeritage. Some records come from free collections (e.g. the BillionGraves collection of headstones) and can be viewed without a subscription, but the majority are not free.

Look out for the Record Detective™ at the bottom of every record to harness this powerful tool and enhance your family history research.

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