How to Create a Family Tree Chart or Book on MyHeritage

How to Create a Family Tree Chart or Book on MyHeritage

Did you know that you can generate your own beautiful, professionally printable family chart or family book on MyHeritage — for free?

You’ve been working so hard on your tree, painstakingly entering names and dates, citing sources, and uploading photographs. Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and share them with your loved ones with a striking family tree chart or book.

All MyHeritage users can generate an unlimited number of charts or family books in PDF form absolutely free. You can then print them using your home computer or local print service, or order a high-quality printed poster from MyHeritage. Frame and display your chart proudly on your wall, bring it to your next family reunion, or give it to a family member as a personalized, one-of-a-kind gift.

Here’s how to create your printable family chart or book:

1. Select a family tree format

Hover over the “Family Tree” tab on the navigation bar and click “More.” Select “Print charts & books” from the extended menu.

You can choose from 9 different formats:


The bowtie chart shows the main person at the center next to one spouse, with their ancestors branching out on either side and their children below. The symmetry and proportions of this chart make it an excellent choice for a wall hanging.

Close family

The close family chart displays the grandparents of the main person and all the descendants of those grandparents, including all the cousins of the main person. This is a good format for sharing with cousins, aunts, and uncles.


The ancestors chart displays all the ancestors of the main person up to the number of generations you select. This symmetrical, elegant chart is the perfect gift for a child. You can select a horizontal or vertical format for this chart.


The descendants chart displays all the descendants of the main person from each of their spouses, down to the number of generations you select. The proportions of the chart vary according to the number of descendants in each generation.

This is a great chart for sharing with relatives with whom you share a common ancestor: pick that ancestor as the main person. You can select a horizontal or vertical format for this chart.


The hourglass chart combines the ancestor chart and the descendant chart for the same main person. This chart is a great choice to give to an older relative, who may enjoy seeing their ancestors and descendants together. You can also select the vertical or horizontal format for this chart.

Sun chart

The sun chart is a new format exclusive to MyHeritage, inspired by a traditional circular family tree format used in communities across Europe for centuries. You can select the descendants or ancestors sun chart. Unlike the fan chart, this type of chart supports photos.

The descendant sun chart is a perfect choice for a family reunion, because it can display a very large number of descendants in a relatively small space. The main person is displayed at the center, and their descendants are displayed in the outer rings.

The ancestor sun chart displays all ancestors of the main person, up to the number of generations you select.

Fan chart

The fan chart displays either all the ancestors or all the descendants of the main person (from one spouse) in a unique fan format. You can limit the number of generations.


The all-in-one chart displays all the relatives of the main person, including relatives by blood and by marriage. This is a great option if you want to capture your entire family tree in one chart.

Family book

The family book is a detailed and professional compilation of the family tree. It includes narratives on each person’s life, photographs, family tree diagrams, and useful indexes. This is an amazing way to capture all the research you’ve done in a printed book your family will cherish for generations.

Pro tip: If you select a format that supports personal photos, make sure as many as possible of the individuals who’ll appear in it have personal photos in your tree before generating the chart. This will make for a much more striking and personalized visualization. Relatives without photos will be represented by a generic icon.

2. Select a style

If you’ve selected a chart format (except the sun chart), you’ll be able to choose from 18 different styles for your chart, including different backgrounds, colors, photo shapes, and more. Scroll left and right to browse the styles and select your favorite.

3. Customize your creation

Choose who the main person of the chart or book will be and enter a title. Depending on the format you chose, you’ll be able to select which (if any) facts to include and how many generations of your family tree will appear.

If you’re planning to print the chart at home, you can select “Multiple pages.” This allows you to print it in multiple pages, which you can then connect to complete your homemade chart.

For a fancier, more professional-looking option, you can select “Single page” and print the chart professionally.

When you’re done, click “Generate chart” or “Generate book.” It may take a few minutes to generate your creation. You’ll receive an email notification when it’s ready.

4. Print your creation

On the “My charts” page, you’ll see a list of the charts and books you’ve generated. There are a few options for printing your creation:


Home printing

To print your chart on your home printer, click “View PDF” beneath the chart you wish to print. This will open the file as a PDF on your browser. Select the “Print” option on your browser.

Order a poster from MyHeritage

Some types of charts can be printed professionally and in high quality at MyHeritage. We offer several high-grade paper quality options, including a matte canvas.

If this option is available, you’ll see an “Order poster” link beneath the chart. 

Click this to proceed with your order. You’ll be able to select a poster size, paper quality, number of charts to order, and currency. Then enter your shipping and billing details.


Print with a print service

You can also print your chart or book at your local print shop or online printing service. Click “View PDF” to open the PDF in your browser.

Then, select the “Download” option to download the file to your computer.

You can then email or transfer this file to your local print shop or upload it to an online printing service for professional printing, binding, and/or framing.

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