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MyHeritage’s U.S. Naturalization Records, Northern California, 1852-1989 Collection

Sharon Monson

Professional Genealogist & Author

This Index is all about immigrants – over 544,000 of them – and spans 137 years! They came to California for various reasons and took a chance for a new life as a US citizen. Finding an immigrant is easier due to multiple search options. Minimal info is not a problem!

1m 59s
5m 50s
1906 Changes to Naturalization
8m 36s
MyHeritage Card Index Collection
5m 09s
Finding Original Records
4m 43s
Searching the Collection
14m 29s
Naturalization Clues in the Census
2m 03s
Naturalization Ceremonies Today
19m 05s
Announcements / prize
3m 03s
Questions / answers
9m 48s
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