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Introducing the MyHeritage DNA Health Test

Ofer Karp

Discover how your genes affect your health and explore the valuable insights you can gain from this latest addition to our DNA product line. The MyHeritage DNA Health test gives you dozens of personalized health reports that explain your genetic risk for developing certain conditions, and tell you whether you're a carrier for hereditary conditions that can potentially be passed on to your children.

1m 43s
MyHeritage & Health
2m 39s
Genetic Health Basics
5m 36s
DNA Product Line
2m 43s
Genetic Risk Reports
4m 44s
Carrier StatuReports
1m 26s
Why Take a Test?
4m 18s
3m 10s
Methodology & Technology
2m 28s
Health Subscription
2m 49s
9m 21s
Privacy & Security
6m 9s
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