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FTB vs. Web: Which Do I Need? Which Is Best?

Daniel Horowitz

Genealogy Expert

The offline software Family Tree Builder and the online trees on MyHeritage each have their benefits and drawbacks. Learn how to determine which of these options will work best for you.

2m 15s
3m 25s
Starting a tree from the very beginning on the website
0m 55s
Importing a GEDCOM to the website
3m 35s
Adding people quickly on the website
0m 20s
Adding a personal photo on the website
1m 0s
Quick editing basic facts
0m 20s
View a bigger tree
1m 10s
List of people next to the tree on FTB
1m 50s
Detailed facts edition on FTB
1m 10s
Adding sources and citations on FTB
1m 30s
Tagging photos in FTB
3m 0s
Privacy management in FTB
1m 40s
1m 40s
12m 57s
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