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Using Deep Nostalgia™ to Animate Your Family Photos

Tal Erlichman

Genealogy Expert

Deep Nostalgia™ animates the faces in still photos, and gives family history a fresh new perspective by producing a realistic depiction of how a person could have moved and looked if they were captured on video. The result is a short, high-quality video animation of an individual face that can smile, blink, and move.

0m 40s
Recap of Photo Features
0m 57s
MyHeritage In Color™
1m 23s
Color Restoration
1m 58s
MyHeritage Photo Enhancer
3m 24s
Deep Nostalgia™
2m 10s
How Are Photos Animated?
1m 48s
Animation Sequence of Gestures
2m 30s
Live Demo
8m 12s
The Photo Animation Icon
2m 3s
Animate Your Photos
1m 50s
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