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Search Connect™: A Tool to Connect with Fellow Researchers

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Daniella Levy

Search Connect™: A Tool to Connect with Fellow Researchers

Search Connect™ is a MyHeritage feature designed to help you find other people researching the same ancestors as you.

There’s nothing like comparing notes with another genealogist in the family. Sometimes, when you’ve exhausted all other resources, a distant cousin with access to additional information can lead you to your next breakthrough.

Search Connect™ includes millions of searches by MyHeritage users. It allows you to find other users who’ve searched for the people you are looking for, and to view the full data of their search, such as dates, places, relatives, and similar searches they’ve conducted.

How to use Search Connect™

Search Connect™ appears as a historical record collection on MyHeritage under the Family Trees category. When you search for a person using the MyHeritage search engine, any relevant Search Connect™ results will be included in the search results. You can also search Search Connect™ specifically by clicking here.

Below, you can see Search Connect™ results for 3 different users who searched for a person named Joseph Kennedy.

Here’s what you’ll see if you select the top result:

The full results list the first initial and last name of the person who searched, their gender, location, approximate age, how long they’ve been active on MyHeritage, and their family sites.

Under “Related searches,” you’ll find searches this user has conducted for family members or those with similar names, and under “Other searches,” you’ll find additional searches conducted within a few minutes of the searches mentioned before. You can click on the hyperlinked names in the search details to repeat the user’s search with the same parameters they used.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see an orange button that invites you to contact the user. Clicking this will take you to the Send Message page in the MyHeritage messaging system, where you can send the user a secure message. Read this article to learn more about contacting other MyHeritage users to enhance your research.

Search Connect™ and Privacy

As always, your privacy is of utmost importance to MyHeritage. By default, Search Connect™ reveals only public information: a first initial, last name, approximate age, location, and the details of the searches you’ve conducted. Only someone who has searched for an ancestor with the same name as yours will find this information.

If you are uncomfortable with other users seeing this information, you can always adjust your privacy settings and disable Search Connect™. To do so, click your name on the user strip at the top of the screen and select “My privacy” from the menu.

Under “My member preferences,” you can choose whether to allow people to find and view your public profile, show your real name to members outside your family, show your general age, allow members to comment on your profile, be notified about member comments, and whether to enable Search Connect™ and SuperSearch™ Alerts. Deselect any of these settings and click “Save” to apply the changes.

Is Search Connect™ free?

Searching and viewing Search Connect™ results is free. However, you’ll need a Data or Complete subscription to contact users you’ve found through Search Connect™. Click here to learn more about MyHeritage subscriptions.

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