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Introduction to DNA Testing in Genealogy and Family History

DNA is an increasingly important tool that can help us discover amazing things about ourselves and our families. This webinar will provide a brief refresher of human genetics and review the different types of DNA tests available today with an in-depth discussion of autosomal DNA tests and how these tests can be used to solve genealogical problems where evidence from traditional records in scarce.

How Photos Enhance Genealogical Research

Photographs are an important resource in genealogical research. They add faces to the names in your family tree and teach you about how your ancestors lived. In this webinar, you can learn about the value of photos in discovering and preserving your family history connecting to the past and present and sharing your story.

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MyHeritageDNA for Your Family Knot
If you have a lot of ancestors that married within the same group — but you're not an endogamous population — you can still have issues using DNA for genealogy. MyHeritageDNA has some of the best in-house tools for dealing with this, but you have to recognize the situation first.
Jennifer Dondero
Jan 28, 2020
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